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Open the door with your smartphone!

Opening the door with your smartphone can be convenient for many reasons. Whether for your private home or office. It can happen that you forget your keys, or worse, lose them!

This is where LabKey comes to your rescue! Our access control, compatible with any electronic lock, thanks to its two clean contacts will allow you to enter your home or office even via smartphone!

With LabKey, your mobile phone becomes a key, all made possible by using your home or company’s Wi-Fi connection; yes! because our LabKey access control works in Cloud.


Thanks to the dedicated CRM you can manage access to the gates easily and securely, even from mobile. With the CRM you can:

  • Generate new keys or delete them in the event of theft or loss;
  • Associate keys to the users you want and assign time-based permissions (days, times, dates);
  • Receive a notification each time a user accesses or attempts to access a gate;
  • Obtain useful statistical data for your business exportable in .csv and .pdf

How does opening the door with a smartphone work?

All you need to do is install an application in your smartphone (free of charge on both Android and iOS), and by typing in the code provided by the system administrator, you will be granted access to the predefined gates. The virtual keypad is excellent for use at all common entrances with other people, such as a company entrance or the front door of an apartment building. 

Simple, isn’t it?

LabKey can be easily installed on any type of electric lock or electronic device in 10 minutes thanks to the plug-and-play system.

Our priority is to provide maximum customer support by providing total assistance: from initial consultation to after-sales, our specialists will be available to clarify all your doubts about our home automation solution.

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apri la porta da remoto

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    How access control helps in theft prevention.

    ‘respect and suspect’ we often say when talking about relationships or friendship, but it is a saying that can also be affirmed when talking about security.

    It is also necessary to carefully choose the control methodology that will prevent any theft or burglary in the home or business.

    The ‘Theory of Routine Activities‘ studied by Lawrence Cohen and Marcus Felson in a first step, explains that three factors musat be present for theft to occur, let us look at them together:

    1. The availability of a suitable target.

    2. The absence of a suitable controller to prevent the criminal event.

    3. The presence of a motivated potential aggressor.


    Understand for yourself that the first two variables are easily controllable with proper care and attention on the part of the prospective condominium manager or administrator. As for the third point, unfortunately, potential attackers have always existed.

    So how can we try to prevent theft by taking into account the variables listed above? And how does access control help in theft prevention?

    Firstly, it sounds trivial, but paying attention and vigilance is the first step in preventing potential break-ins. Secondly, equipping yourself with an effective access control system is an effective way to stay on top of security in your perimeter.

    LabKey, in all three of its versions, allows you to stay up-to-date on the accesses you have made. In addition, you can create “Alerts” within the panel to let you know if someone attempts unauthorised access. These are just some of the functions you can activate within your reserved panel.

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      Hidden networks WI-FI

      What is the hidden network ?

      Hidden networks are types of wireless networks that have their SSID transmission disabled.

      What’s the meaning?

      This means that the router’s wireless network name will not be displayed in the list of available networks whenever a wireless device or computer searches for networks within range.

      Rete nascosta WI-FI e LabKey:

      Labkey access control systems are devices that enable, using Wi-Fi technology, the verification of entrances and exits from car parks, workplaces, hotels, B&Bs and more.

      It sometimes happens, however, that having too many visible networks, as might occur in a hotel, leads to a clogging of the line.

      To prevent this from happening, it is good practice to hide the various networks, so that the customer/guest only has access to the essential and usable networks.

      You can now connect to a hidden network and, in turn, hide the network from the LabKey control unit.

      Why can the hidden network be useful?

      This will ensure that when searching for networks via PC or telephone, LabKey’s networks are not visible, thus not disturbing customers or employees when searching for a network, thus increasing security.

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        Access Control: why to use them?

        Corporate security, real-time logging and much more. Let’s find out together why to use these systems.

        Having access control within your company, hotel, B&B and other types of buildings will allow you to achieve full corporate security.

        Every day you will be able to monitor the accesses and respective schedules of your employees or guests, all easily, quickly and with a few simple clicks.

        Benefits of access control

        As you will have read above, access control is to all intents and purposes an optimal solution for monitoring any environment by controlling the flow and passage of people. in fact, the device allows you to obtain an overview of your facilities, whether they are large (schools, trade fairs, companies, etc.) or specific (a restricted area, an office with confidential documentation, computer rooms, etc.).

        You will be able to allow or deny access to certain users or user groups in specific areas by receiving special alerts.
        It will also be much easier to trace certain events by checking people’s LOGs, tracing them back to specific users in different areas. This will also allow you to alert the users themselves in the event of danger or emergency.

        What could also be reasons for using access control?

        • Security reasons: allowing a customer access to certain areas and a certain time slot increases the level of protection for members and the facility, especially in a health emergency context such as the one we are currently experiencing.
        • Reasons of control: monitoring the number of members, employees, customers, etc. entering and leaving an area or gate in question is crucial. Establishing automatisms linked to commercial or corrective dynamics also makes it possible to streamline the bureaucratic processes of administration/front office operators.

        Access control, all strategic data in a click.

        A state-of-the-art access control, in addition to attendance calculation, also allows you to have real reports through statistics that will allow you to have within a single dashboard the influx, i.e. the logs, over the course of days of people, how many gates are installed and the related users.

        Simple, isn’t it?

        LabKey ONE, is the innovative access control that will allow you to do all of the above in a simple and smart way.

        We offer three different models of LabKey One:

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          Automatic self check-in

          LabKey and Aitech: Self check-in and fast check-out has never been easier!

          With LabKey and Aitech, the check-in and even check-out process for all facilities takes place automatically thanks to the eWelcome certification.
          LabKey has been developed to meet the specific needs of accommodation facilities such as hotels and B&Bs, allowing control and monitoring of access at the gates.

          The software and technology we use offer extensive customisation possibilities.

          The ease of use and the ability to interface with third-party software allowed us to be included in the list of eWelcome24 certified systems.

          The Totem for self check-in and fast check-out improves the guest experience, optimises time and resources.

          The totem with a LabKey integrated hardware and software system designed to optimise the service of accommodation facilities for self-service management – simple, fast and secure – of all operations in support of reception and/or as a replacement during night hours.

          What are the advantages?

          autonomous and interfaceable with our software

          Easy, fast and secure self check-in.

          Automatic code or key issuance following a simple procedure in complete security and reliability.

          quick check-out and payment phase

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            Smart Locks – Home automation starts with access

            The smart lock differs from the classic lock both in structure but also in function. No more physical keys, just a tap on your smartphone!

            It has probably happened to you too to lose your keys, had to search for them for whole minutes and in the meantime were also in a great hurry. Since the smart lock does not require a physical key, the risk of loss is reduced to almost zero!

            The use of a smart lock is not only ideal in a family context to protect one’s home, it is also perfect in facilities such as hotels, B&Bs, companies and Co-Working.

            In detail, you will also be able to create accesses in total security, keeping track of who accesses the permitted passage. You will be able to remotely open the door with peace of mind, no longer worrying about having to physically travel to the site. LabKey makes your lock smart and includes both the hardware kit (you can choose from three devices: Keypad, QR Code and NFC) and the 100% cloud-based manage software that allows you to do all this and more.

            Thanks to the two clean contacts, it will be possible to access the site by entering a numerical code – keypad -, scanning a QR code or the NFC card, or by accessing from the Labkey App downloadable on Android and iOS.

            Self check-in smart accomodation

            Why choose self check-in in holiday houses and B&Bs.

            Self check-in is becoming over the years a functional service that cannot be missed when it comes to holiday homes, Airbnb, B&Bs, hotels and all accommodation in the world of tourism.

            What is it?

            Self check-in ( and self check-out ) is an automatic process of handing over keys to the dwelling, which allows this step without the need for a physical person to go to the place to let guests in.
            This makes the advantages twofold on both sides; the owner of the apartment does not have to physically go to the guest’s arrival, the guests, for their part, will have more flexibility on their arrival time.

            Another undisputed advantage, may be the filling in of a form with the guest’s data prior to their arrival, this will allow an automated process resulting in less wasted time on both sides.

            How does self check-in work to make accommodation smart?

            The first idea that may come to mind, totally unsafe, is to place physical keys inside a padlock or a box near the house. Needless to say, this is a dangerous and unsafe solution.

            The second way, is to rely on a secure and effective access control such as LabKey which, thanks to its two free contacts, will allow you to access the gate in two ways:

            1. Physically: depending on the chosen model of LabKey, you will be able to access the gateway by entering the numerical code on the keypad or by scanning the NFC card or QR Code.

            2. Virtually: within our manage panel you can enable the virtual keyboard that will allow the opening of the gate remotely thanks to our free downloadable App for Android and iOS.

            Our access control is compatible with any electronic lock, our LabKey will allow you to set multiple access codes, so you can generate a unique code for each new guest.

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              Smart home and access control

              What does it means “smart home“?

              Smart home, has a clear reference to the IoT (Internet of Things) and indicates all products that use the Internet connection and smartphone apps to offer new functions that are also connected to traditional products. In essence, smart home technologies are able to automate a number of activities and processes in the home, such as access to doorways, with the aim of providing greater convenience for those living there.

              What is an access control system?

              An access control system is a tool that allows one or more electric gates (gates, doors, etc.) to be opened only to authorised persons, storing the logs, and possibly inhibiting authorisation to certain persons or certain time slots.

              Why is it useful?

              An access control system may be useful or necessary in various situations:

              • Inside a company to allow workers to enter/exit while keeping track of logs;
              • Also in a company to allow suppliers to open the external gate and unload the material to be delivered;
              • In a gymnasium to allow access to subscribers, perhaps preventing those with expired subscriptions or certificates from entering;
              • A co-working space;
              • B&B or in a rented flat;
              • In a hotel;
              • In a private home.

              By reading the list above, we understand how, indeed, today an access control can prove to be a valuable aid in permit management.

              Il nostro controllo accessi è composto dai seguenti elementi:

              The LabKey system is available in kit form and includes: instruction booklet, an internal control unit, an external reader to choose from NFC, QR Code,Keypad, NFC keys if required; power supply unit, dowels and screws for wall mounting if required.

              Smart home and access control, learn more !

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                Protection of business assets and access control.

                The importance of access control, every day security and control, for you, your employees and your company.

                Why use an access control?

                The usage of an access control would considerably increase the security threshold of the company, constantly protecting employees and increasing their trust and what we can call corporate image.

                Factory Security Management is not just about protecting intangible assets such as reputation, trade secrets, industrial espionage etc.
                Tangible assets such as people and their know-how and security installations are of equal importance, as economic and human assets make up the company itself.

                “In business we plan for success, but in security we have to plan for failure”.

                In Italy, “risk management” is such a popular and important issue that, in recent years, it has been integrated into the new ISO 9001 quality system (also present within the organisational models outlined by Legislative Decrees 231/2001 and 81/2008).

                Where, when and why access control are made for the protection of company assets?

                An access control system can be useful in many situations, for better organisation within institutions, be they public or private buildings.

                They make it possible to keep track of the presence at a given time in a hospital or students in a school. In addition, an access control is essential in a hotel or B&B, in order to always have an overview of the guests present (and not) inside the structure.

                There are therefore at least three reasons for using an access control system:

                • Control: monitor people and vehicles entering or leaving a given area.
                • Security: increase protection by deciding who is granted access to a given gateway.
                • Welfare: protecting people who are not qualified to access a given area, avoiding accidents and uncertain situations.

                LabKey is an Italian company that creates different types of access control systems to suit your needs. Do you need advice or further information?

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