Barcode Reader

This access management system with encrypted barcode consists of an internal control unit and a barcode reader.


Product under development

Barcode kit

Technical Features

The kit consists of an internal control unit and a barcode reader that is positioned on the outside. Due to this system it is possible to control any entrance equipped with an electric lock by simply using a printed barcode or scanning the code on your phone.
The advantage of this system is that you can share the barcode via mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Through the management software it is possible to monitor every access, create new keys with encrypted technology and associate them with authorised users. Because of this software you can track all incoming and outgoing movements within your establishment.

Parts of the kit

Control unit
Barcode Reader
CRM software
(1st month for free, then 9.90 € per month)

Technical specifications

  • Reader

    barcode scanner

  • Keys

    encrypted barcodes

  • Dimensions

    10×11,5 cm (control unit)
    10×10 cm (reader)