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Limit Alert – Set an access limit


From today, through the new “Limit Alert” function, you can set the number of consecutive times a user can access the gate.

alert di limite

Have you already purchased a LabKey?

Don’t worry! The system has already been updated and from the Manage panel you can request the activation of the new Alerts, such as the pre-existing “Virtual Room” and the “Limit Alerts”.

In fact, whether it is inside a company, a gym, a parking area or whatever, it is always a positive aspect to be able to know in real time and in total safety, the number of people in the “room” (which could be your office or the car park of your hotel) and the number of entries made by the member to whom you have given access.

By setting the maximum number of consecutive logins in the manage panel, you will receive an alert if someone tries to log in several times!


First of all you have to enter the manage panel to create an advanced alert.

The second step is to choose the virtual room to which you want to activate the limit alert.

You can then enable the user to whom you want to set the alert and finally choose the number of consecutive entries and exits.


Choose your preferred alert mode between email, external API call or telegram and save your changes!


Now that you have activated your card – e.g. for the car park – for the member of the desired group, they will only be able to access the permitted access point once in a row! This will also let you know how many free spaces you have available in your car park!

Stay updated with LabKey and discover all our installations with us!

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    Super Green Pass, safe with LabKey!

    Hai già acquistato una LabKey Green Pass ?

    Non preoccuparti! L’aggiornamento del sistema è già fatto.
    Nel pannello manage è già integrata la possibilità di attivare:

    Visualizzazione dei Log in modalità SUPER GREEN PASS
    Attivazione su relé fisici modalità SUPER GREEN PASS

    That’s it!

    Scopriamo insieme di cosa parliamo !

    Dall’inizio dell’emergenza sanitaria ci siamo preoccupati di creare un controllo accessi che fosse sicuro, semplice e intuitivo. Così è nata LabKey ONE QR Code Green Pass reader, ideata per permettere l’entrata alle strutture solo ai possessori effettivi di green pass.

    Ora che le esigenze si sono amplificate e la necessità di effettuare dei controlli è più mirata, è stato necessario integrare al nostro sistema di controllo accessi delle modifiche importanti. Da oggi, infatti, è possibile tramite il nostro controllo accessi capire in tempo reale se il QR scannerizzato dal lettore è “base” o “super”, questo perché l’accesso al locale verrà consentito solamente ai possessori del super green pass se impostato nel pannello di manage.

    Log in modalità SUPER GREEN PASS

    I log che vengono prodotti dalla lettura del codice QR Code vengono riportati in tempo reale nel nostro pannello di manage. Attivando la funzionalità super green pass ( log ) è possibile visualizzare quali sono gli utenti “base” e quali quelli “super”.

    Relé fisici su modalità GREEN PASS

    Se il green pass è valido si accende il relé verde, se il green pass non è valido, l’accesso sarà negato. Attivando la funzionalità super green pass ( relé ) è possibile restituire l’accesso negato nel caso di codice qr base.

    Le funzioni sono attivabili anche separatamente per garantire la privacy degli utenti e l’estrema versatilità del prodotto.

    Dal 6 dicembre, infatti, col decreto super green pass, servirà per accedere a tutti i luoghi pubblici come spettacoli, bar e ristoranti, eventi sportivi, feste, discoteche e cerimonie pubbliche il certificato verde rafforzato.

    Con la nostra nuova integrazione potrai abilitare l’accesso all’interno del tuo locale, azienda, spazio di co-working solamente ai possessori del super green pass, garantendo così il massimo della sicurezza e affidabilità!

    Compila il form sottostante per acquistare anche tu LabKey ONE Green Pass!

    Per maggiori informazioni sui nostri dispositivi di controllo di gestione accessi clicca qui.


      LabKey KeyCloud


      KeyCloud is the new version of LabKey access control system with patented technology, designed to manage access to facilities in areas without an internet connection.

      Connessa sempre e comunque!

      All LabKey One models require a connection to a Wi-Fi network to guarantee operation and access management via the Manage panel. The service is in any case guaranteed even if there are problems with the internet connection. This is because all LabKey systems are equipped with an internal cache, which saves the synchronisation of the panel data every 5 minutes, more details, click here.

      LabKey KeyCloud, on the other hand, doesn’t need any connection to the Wi-Fi network because it has a built-in dual SIM card.

      LabKey KeyCloud - Tecnologia brevettata

      Maximum functionality in minimum time!

      LabKey is a plug&play product and continues to be so with the new LabKey KeyCloud version, the only procedure to be done is to switch it on and it is immediately ready to manage the accesses of any structure!

      We think your time is precious, so we have thought of everything. The kit is already equipped with everything you need for a quick, easy and clean job.

      Integrated connectivity

      LabKey KeyCloud travels on special frequencies (NB-IoT) and guarantees you a connection to the network at all times, even in areas where your smartphone has no reception!

      Labkey guarantees you a continuous connection even years later!

      We would like to remind you that we will be among the protagonists of the Sicurezza Fair in Milan, visit us at Hall 10P – Stand E40 from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 November.

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        QR Code Green Pass Reader

        QrCode GREEN PASS reader is the new version of the LabKey access control designed to allow entry to the facilities only to effective GREEN PASS holders.

        LabKeythe Green Pass verification control, allows:

        • Regulatory compatibility of the Ministry of Health – Verification C19.
        • Verification of the issuer’s signature.
        • Speed: 30 checks per minute.
        • Instant certification check.
        • Clear reading of the QR Code from various media in addition to the smartphone screen (paper, plasticized badges, etc.).
        • Functional: reading even in the dark.
        • The automated opening of the gate in case of validity of the Green Pass.
        • Access denied management with real-time alert notification.
        • Possibility of combining acoustic or luminous signal devices that notify the validity or invalidity of the Green Pass by means of a clean contact.
        • Registration of logs with date and time of access, without health information. denied with real-time alert notification.
        • That it is not necessary to have a physical presence to check the gate.

        Making accesses quick, controlled and secure is the new prerogative of activities that require constant monitoring of the flow of customers or guests, for this reason the green certification verification control was born!

        The QrCode Green Pass reader function is implemented in the LabKey system, so once this is no longer needed, it can be deactivated. Then you can use the device as a simple access control to the gates.

        As for the physical device, the reader is resistant and functional, IP65 certified and can be installed outdoors. It is in fact resistant to bad weather and shocks.

        Available in three versions (Base – Internal interlocking design – External box design) it is versatile since installation is simple and takes 10 minutes.

        Discover all its features here:

        LabKey ONE QrCode Reader

        The light towers are demonstrative, it is possible by means of a clean contact to combine acoustic or light signaling systems of any type according to the needs.

        Access control via NFC

        LabKey, an innovative access control system: open gates via NFC cards

        LabKey NFC is one of  our LabKey access control products that allows you to open any electric lock: the gate to your home, office, or communal car park, via an NFC card or other gadgets! If you need to use a badge for your car park or company, LabKey NFC is perfect for you! It allows you to simply use a smart card to access the building and control everything via the Cloud.

        LabKey One NFC apriporta con badge

        As already mentioned, LabKey NFC is available not only with an NFC card, but with a variety of different gadgets. For example, keychains, tokens, or wristbands. Just choose the one that fits best to your company and we include them in your LabKey ONE NFC kit.

        You can also customize your key by including the logo or name of your company!

        See the section on customisable gadgets here: Customise your NFC gadget.

        LabKey’s IP65 certificate proves that it is suitable for outside installation and the provided CRM system allows you to keep track of your logs completely via the cloud.

        Our access control system allows the creation of keys and their association with desired users, which generates a unique code to open the gate.
        The operating times of the keys are customizable so that specific users may or may not be able to access a gate at certain times or days. You can choose what days of the week or even at what time a gate shall be accessable for the user.

        You can also open gates and locks remotely thanks to the virtual keypad, compatible with all versions of LabKey, and keep track of the time, date and users logged in via the dedicated CRM which stores all logs in the cloud.

        Controllo accessi con tessera,
        Access control NFC,

        LabKey NFC installed at the facility of the Rowing Club of Padova. HERE are more installations!


        LabKey offers a variety of different types of access control:


        Find out more!


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