Customize the LabKey

Choose the colour of your device. We create customized prints according to your needs.

Do you like brunet, red or blond?


Customize the colour of your access control.
To increase the technical performance of resistance to shocks, extreme weather and vandalism, you can choose innovative materials, and also customize the aesthetic of your device for it to become an integrated part of your design concept.

Luxury hotels, spas and prestigious offices may have specific needs.

Make your installation unique, make your LabKey unique.

Technical characteristics of the materials



  • Lightweight and hydrocarbon resistant material
  • Breaking load: 30-39 MPa
  • Melting point: 140 °C

NYLON Performance:

  • Excellent chemical resistance to oils, grease, hydrocarbons.
  • Breaking load: 42-54 MPa
  • Melting point: 187 °C

NYLON Top Mechanical:

  • Excellent resistance to impact and torsion, resistant to hydrocarbons and oils.
  • Breaking load: 44-56 MPa
  • Melting point: 202 °C

Choose a colour

All materials are available in the standard versions grey and black. It is possible to apply a painting process and create the following colours:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • White

Glossy or Matt versions.



Download the technical table