Door access control system

LabKey, the door access control system

LabKey is the innovative door access control system that makes access controls easy. No matter if you need to manage the access to a gate, bar, door, or turnstile, LabKey has got you covered, because it is compatible with any type of electronic device and can be installed in just a few minutes.

This access control is completely controlled by the Cloud giving you access to all the information about who entered, when and what permissions they have, no matter where you are. If you have a device with a web browser and internet connection your can view all the information gathered by our LabKey, create new keys or delete them and change access permissions. No need to be at the facility!


All LabKey One versions are equipped with a virtual keypad that can be downloaded for free in any app store. The virtual keypad allows the user to open gates and doors remotely. The virtual keypad.

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