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Entry access system

A good entry access system has become more and more important in the last couple of years and with LabKey you can make access control to a competitive advantage. In contrast to all the other entry access systems on the market LabKey combines the access control with a 100% cloud-based system for monitoring and controlling gates and generating keys. The CRM system can be opened from any device with a web browser and internet connection and provides you will all the information and functions you need for successful access control.

The LabKey access controll allows you to:

  • open doors
  • open gates
  • open bars
  • open motorised cylinders
  • …open any kind of electronic device


Entry access systems and CRM

LabKey is available in different versions, that use different keys to manage your gates. You can open doors with NFC cards or through entering a numeric code into the keypad. Now we also have the brand new QR code reader that allows you to open a gate with a simple photo, that you can also use as a printed version.

Be reminded that all kits have a virtual keypad that allows you to open gates remotely via an app using the dry contact.

Visit this page for more information.

You can control everything with the CRM software we provide.

  • User management
  • The access time (days, weeks, hours, or specific days of the week)
  • delete a key remotely
  • check the logs for both authorised and denied access

In addition, LabKey access control allows you to trigger alerts based on the gate you need to monitor and the person you are targeting. Do you want to know if someone has just entered? Would you like to get an alert in the case of an attempted break-in?

The Alert section allows you to monitor access control and trigger events even on third-party software, all entirely from the Cloud panel.

Alert e notifiche in real time

What if the internet doesn’t work?

Smart access control is not afraid of a lack of connection. LabKey works also without internet thanks to its stand-alone function. In fact, if the connection fails, you will still be able to log in using the codes you previously set.

Visit our page for Frequently Asked Questions or contact us for more information.


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    Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone.

    LabKey.io is an IoT product of Busnet.it

    LabKey supports the 4earth project



    +39 049 80 78 678

    +39 379 254 2339

    Viale della Navigazione Interna 51/A 35129 Padova (PD)

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