Protection of business assets and access control.

The importance of access control, every day security and control, for you, your employees and your company.

Why use an access control?

The usage of an access control would considerably increase the security threshold of the company, constantly protecting employees and increasing their trust and what we can call corporate image.

Factory Security Management is not just about protecting intangible assets such as reputation, trade secrets, industrial espionage etc.
Tangible assets such as people and their know-how and security installations are of equal importance, as economic and human assets make up the company itself.

“In business we plan for success, but in security we have to plan for failure”.

In Italy, “risk management” is such a popular and important issue that, in recent years, it has been integrated into the new ISO 9001 quality system (also present within the organisational models outlined by Legislative Decrees 231/2001 and 81/2008).

Where, when and why access control are made for the protection of company assets?

An access control system can be useful in many situations, for better organisation within institutions, be they public or private buildings.

They make it possible to keep track of the presence at a given time in a hospital or students in a school. In addition, an access control is essential in a hotel or B&B, in order to always have an overview of the guests present (and not) inside the structure.

There are therefore at least three reasons for using an access control system:

  • Control: monitor people and vehicles entering or leaving a given area.
  • Security: increase protection by deciding who is granted access to a given gateway.
  • Welfare: protecting people who are not qualified to access a given area, avoiding accidents and uncertain situations.

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