Smart card access control

Managing the access to your facily with the Labkey smart card access control! is an access control that allows you to open any electric lock: the gate to your home, office, or communal car park, with a card! (We also offer a functionality that lets you open gates remotely.) If you need to use a badge for your car park or company, LabKey NFC is perfect for you! It allows you to simply use a smart card to access the building and control everything via the Cloud.

See the section on customisable gadgets here: Customise your NFC gadget.

You can also open gates and locks remotely thanks to the virtual keypad, compatible with all versions of LabKey, and keep track of the time, date and users logged in via the dedicated CRM which stores all logs in the cloud.

Controllo accessi con tessera,
Access control with card reader,

LabKey NFC installed at the facility of the Rowing Club of Padova. HERE are more installations!

Card-based access control is simple and allows the use of a personal key that does not come into contact with surfaces touched by other people.

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