Strategic Implementation and Benefits of Access Control via QR Code

Access control via QR Code

Managing access to buildings, offices and facilities has always posed a challenge for companies, administrators and managers. Controlling who enters and when, in an efficient and secure manner, often involves cumbersome and costly procedures.

The advent of the QR code has changed the game!

These digital codes, which can be easily generated and read via a smartphone, allow access to premises and spaces to be completely revolutionised, introducing unprecedented levels of automation, security and flexibility.

In this deep-dive, we explore in detail how to implement an access control system based on QR codes, analysing advantages, usage methods and best practices. You will discover that, whatever your access management needs may be, QR code is the right solution to take your structure into the future.

How Access Control Works via QR Code

The core of this system is the QR code reader: a device, usually located at the entrance, capable of instantly acquiring and decoding the code presented by the user.

Each authorised person possesses a unique and unforgeable QR code associated with their name. Showing the code to the reader ensures rapid and secure access.

Compared to traditional controls with magnetic cards or keys, QR code offers huge benefits:

  • Low implementation costs
  • No need to possess or remember to carry a physical key
  • Centralised and dynamic permission management
  • Instant cancellation in case of compromised or lost codes

The Strategic Choice of QR Code Reader

Choosing the right QR code reader is the first step to fully leveraging the potential of this system. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Internal or external use: weatherproof models for outdoor installations
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth or 4G for remote connection
  • Software integration: operating system, access database and advanced control functions
  • Extra features: facial recognition, document scanning, offline code reading

The latest models combine robustness, connectivity and powerful software for extremely smart and flexible access management.

The Many Advantages of Access Control via QR Code

Adopting QR code for access regulation not only improves usability. The benefits for security, savings and productivity are multiple:

  • More secure access: unique, unforgeable codes; permissions instantly revocable
  • Simplified management: creating and sending codes with just a few clicks; no physical keys to manage
  • Cost savings: eliminates need for complex key/badge systems
  • Increased productivity: automates employee attendance recording
  • Better user experience: faster, smarter access without cumbersome keys

In environments like hotels and resorts, the QR code solution allows creation and sending of access codes to guests before check-in, optimising access management and enhancing the guest experience.

Advanced Customisation

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the true power of the QR code-based access control system lies in the high level of customisation achievable. Codes and settings can be tailored to specific needs, managing every smallest detail.

For example, precise times and days of the week in which a given code is valid can be defined, as well as the areas and premises it grants access to. The options are virtually limitless.

The system can also send notifications and warnings if it detects anomalous access or unauthorised code usage attempts. All entries are recorded in real-time, providing an always up-to-date dashboard with statistics.

Finally, integration with other IT systems opens up new automation frontiers. QR codes can communicate with room booking software, security systems, video surveillance and much more.

With these customisation levels, any organisation can shape the technological solution according to its specific needs.

For a concrete example, in a condominium differentiated access permissions can be assigned to residents and occasional visitors. And in a company, hours and accessible areas may vary between employees and external guests.

Optimised Attendance Management

The QR code solution also positively influences attendance management for employees and collaborators. Each person can scan their own code upon every entry and exit. All registrations are automatically saved without supervision.

This allows precise monitoring and analysis of:

  • Arrival and departure times
  • Working hours and overtime
  • Absences and holidays
  • Presences across different sites

The collected data can be directly integrated into payroll and billing software. A huge timesaver!

Security and Privacy: Best Practices for Maximum Protection

Security is a top priority when handling sensitive data like access permissions and attendance records. Here are some best practices to minimise risks:

  • Advanced encryption of all information
  • Rigorous access policies for system management
  • Two-factor authentication with password + biometrics for critical changes
  • Accurate handling and setting of the QR code reader
  • Staff training on security policies

At the same time, user privacy must be protected. Clear communications regarding data use strengthen trust in the system.


Implementing a modern QR code-based access control system delivers revolutionary benefits in terms of simplicity, security, time and cost savings.

QR code versatility allows customising access management to the specific needs of any organisation. From offices to hotels, industrial plants, events and public spaces.

To discover if the QR code solution is right for you, contact us straight away!

It’s the first step to take your facility into the future of access management.

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