Winning Integration for the Hospitality Industry

LabKey demonstrates the potential of automation at the Hospitality Day in Rimini

Innovative Solutions for Self Check-in and Check-out in Accommodation Facilities

In the modern hospitality landscape, efficiency and convenience have become key to providing exceptional stay experiences for guests. Self check-in and check-out have become essential to meet these needs, and LabKey in collaboration with Aitech Italia position themselves as undisputed leaders in offering innovative solutions for accommodation facilities.

At the Hospitality Day in Rimini 2023 it will be possible to see LabKey’s integration with an external system in action at the Aitech stand.

Come and see our LabKey integrated with an external system!

It is a sophisticated digital totem developed to facilitate and streamline check-in and check-out processes in hotels.

This integrated system completely revolutionises the concept of reception by bringing it to a fully automated level. It not only replaces individual booking and payment phases, but also digitises all typical bureaucratic procedures carried out by staff.

For example, the totem is capable of automatically scanning and sending guest documents to the relevant authorities, such as mandatory notification to the police stations. It also fully integrates self check-in and check-out functions, allowing guests a quicker, more practical and contactless stay experience.

As an even more innovative aspect, the totem utilises LabKey’s powerful integration APIs to interface with physical access management systems installed at the facility. During check-in, it automatically prints a receipt with a unique code for the guest to then use at the door keypad opener to independently access their room, completely bypassing reception.

This case study therefore tangibly demonstrates how the synergistic use of cutting-edge technologies can replace the traditional reception concept in favour of a completely re-engineered, even smarter and more efficient management of guest flows.

In summary, this system allows for:

  • Eliminating reception with self check-in.
    The system prints a receipt with a LabKey code, allowing guests to autonomously access their room via keypad.
  • Automatically communicating with the police station.
    One benefit of the totem is automating document delivery to authorities during check-in, simplifying management.
  • Opportunities for the hospitality industry.
    The integration shows how domotics can make processes smarter, reduce costs and increase customer and staff satisfaction.

Automated and Integrated Access Management in Hospitality

One of the most innovative methods for offering automated services to guests is leveraging the potentials of LabKey APIs.

The Villa Carpini Hotel is an exemplary case that has implemented a modern self-check-in totem thanks to integration with LabKey APIs. These APIs generate unique numeric codes for each booking, allowing guests to autonomously and completely contactlessly access not only their room but any area of the hotel.

A further interesting case is the Riva Vena Bar in Chioggia, Italy, where use of the same LabKey APIs guarantees strict and secure access only to dining rooms for those who have placed a consumption order.

This maximises privacy and security.

Speaking of Security, come and see us at Sicurezza 2023!


The results presented at the fair have effectively demonstrated how the harmonious combination of physical and digital technologies, managed through a well-integrated API infrastructure, can radically improve hospitality processes by combining efficiency, user experience and applicability flexibility.

A model destined to set the standard in the hospitality of the future.


Important Benefits for the Hotel Business

Self check-in and check-out solutions provide a series of interesting qualitative and quantitative benefits. Initially, they significantly improve the guest experience through automated and streamlined processes, reducing waiting times at receptions. This translates to higher customer satisfaction, an increasingly important factor in the modern era.

Moreover, this technology enables accommodation facilities to optimise operational efficiency by eliminating manual procedures and cutting costs. Additionally, customisable solutions guarantee maximum flexibility to adapt to each facility’s unique characteristics.

Such versatility is accompanied by robust security standards protecting sensitive guest data. An aspect not to be overlooked considering today’s cybersecurity challenges.

Concretely, this means attracting more bookings leveraging a state-of-the-art experience, as well as reducing errors, waste and inefficiencies through resource optimisation.

All factors directly influencing the reputation of the accommodation facility, essential in the age of online reviews.

Therefore, we can state that the innovations presented by LabKey in collaboration with Aitech perfectly combine qualitative, quantitative and strategic aspects: a winning recipe for accommodation businesses of the future.


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