Cloud access control 4.0

With LabKey it is really easy to introduce an access control system in your facility.

Whether it’s private parking bars, your B&B entrance or your company door, every access point can be automated to be electrically unlocked and all accesses can be monitored with LabKey.

How access control works

LabKey is a kit consisting of an internal control unit and an external reader, available in the NFC and keypad version. To access the entrance, simply enter the numeric code, place your card on the external NFC reader or use the dedicated mobile app.

LabKey can be easily installed on any type of electronic lock or electronic device in 10 minutes thanks to the plug and play system.

With the CRM management system, it is possible to manage and control access to your access points in a simple and safe way.

Cloud access control with CRM

Thanks to the dedicated CRM you can manage access to the entrances easily and safely, even from  your mobile phone. With the CRM you can:

  • Generate new keys or delete them in case of theft or loss;
  • Associate the keys with the users you want and assign time permits (days, times, dates);
  • Receive a notification every time a user accesses or tries to access an access point;
  • Get useful statistical data for your business that can be exported in .csv and .pdf

Access control for B&B and Hotel

LabKey has been designed for all accommodations that need a dynamic and safe solution for access control.

With LabKey you can optimize the key delivery process, significantly reducing the time required and no longer needing to physically be in the structure. In fact, you can simply tell your access code to your guests or allow them to access the entrance via the mobile app.

With LabKey you will also solve the problem of loss and unauthorized duplication of keys.

Access control for companies

LabKey also acts as a smart alternative to the classic time card for optimized attendance management.

If you have an office and you want to control the entries and exits of your employees, thanks to the CRM management system you can easily assign various levels of permission to the users (hours, days and dates) and track everything using the designated panel.

You can also export the list of logs and statistics in .excel or .pdf format for a simple and precise attendance management.