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NFC QR code keypad: the Mini access control

In the constantly evolving landscape of technology, efficiency and compact size play a crucial role in electronic access control devices. With an extraordinary size of just 72 x 72 x 25 mm, LabKey Mini Keypad + NFC + QR code combines three different access control technologies, offering a powerful and compact access control experience.

LabKey Mini stands out as a cutting-edge product that combines advanced features with a compact design.

Variants and Access Control Functionality with LabKey Mini

LabKey Mini is available in different variants that group together different access technologies in one unique compact model.

We can have the simple keypad, the radio one with battery, the combined version with QR code or NFC, or all three access modes. Each of them with unique features that together contribute to an unprecedented access control experience.

Keypad + NFC + QR code: 3 technologies in 1 compact access control device

The LabKey mini Keypad + NFC + QR code model stands out for its keypad with 12 backlit keys, for the ability to read MIFARE Classic 1K NFC tags and for the uncompromising reading of a QR code, guaranteeing secure and customizable control .

This new version of the product offers high-performance reading in different light conditions, allowing visual feedback for a better user experience. The use of the backlit keys makes it easy to enter a numerical code and the light beam for reading the generated QR Code allows for a fast and efficient scanning time.

The latest generation encryption guarantees a higher level of security as it protects sensitive data and prevents unauthorized access.

Efficiency and Flexibility

The robust features and easy installation make LabKey Mini suitable for a wide range of applications, both in modern contexts and on existing infrastructures. This flexibility allows you to easily deploy LabKey Mini in various situations, both for new projects and for updating pre-existing security systems.

With the new LabKey mini keypad + QR code + NFC product, you have the opportunity to make your access control extremely user-friendly. The combination of the three technologies in a single device allows access to the gate via three different modes, suitable for different users.

The QR code is easy to use, can be shared quickly and efficiently via WhatsApp, email or printable. The reading capacity of the QR code reaches up to 10×10 mm with a time of 0.1 seconds and a very high sensitivity to changes in light conditions.

The numeric keypad requires typing a code, which can also be shared efficiently from the cloud management panel. It is perhaps suitable for a slightly older and/or non-technological user, who finds it difficult to scan the QR code from the phone and prefers the classic insertion of a numeric code, with 6 or more digits.

NFC, on the other hand, provides very quick, fast and smart access, but involves the owner of the gate in the delivery of NFC gadgets (cards, bracelets, key rings…). This mode works thanks to RFID technology: Radio Frequency Identification.

With its combination of advanced features and versatility of use, LabKey Mini represents a notable advancement in the access control industry, providing an integrated system that efficiently combines advanced functionality in a compact format.


Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone.

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