Cutting-Edge Access Control Showcased at WAICF 2024

Innovation and Excellence in Cannes: Our Participation in WAICF 2024

We are pleased to announce our participation in the prestigious WAICF Fair (World AI Cannes Festival), taking place in Cannes from February 8 to 10, 2024. This will be an unmissable opportunity to discover our latest innovations in the field of computing, with a focus on showcasing our new LabKey products, the cutting-edge solution for access control.

Twenty Years of Excellence in the IT Sector

With over twenty years of experience in the IT sector, we are a reference point for highly specialized software and services. Our LabKey project is a testament to our forward-thinking approach to IoT and Smart Building. Focusing on remote control, data integration, and user-friendliness in access control, we aim to provide solutions that meet modern needs.

Safety and Innovation: The Defence Line Project

During the pandemic, we developed the Defence Line project, a comprehensive solution for Coronavirus screening, with infrared thermometers, thermoscanners, and disinfectant nebulizers. An intelligent totem that detects presence and signals any gatherings. This tool, based on artificial intelligence, not only controls access securely but also allows centralized management through the LabKey access control software.

Alert AI: Simplifying Management with LabKey

In addition to detecting gatherings, we are developing an integrated alert AI system in the management panel of our LabKey product. These alerts analyze user behavior and report ambiguous or suspicious access, facilitating management for administrators. Thanks to our cloud-based management panel, supervision is easy and remote, allowing for practical and swift key and access management.

Innovative Design of LabKey: Three Technologies in One Product

Our latest products are versatile and equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as NFC reading, QR Code scanning, and code input in a single reader with ultra-compact dimensions (72x72x25mm). The innovative design, featuring tempered glass and a touchscreen version, makes our reader an excellent choice for any requirement.

Tastierino NFC QR code
Tastierino NFC QR code

See You in Cannes!

We warmly invite you to visit us at the WAICF Fair in Cannes from February 8 to 10, where you can experience our cutting-edge solutions firsthand. We look forward to sharing our innovations and discussing future collaboration opportunities with you.


Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone. is an IoT product of

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