The new LabKey controllers for intelligent, connected access management

Presentation of the Innovative LabKey Access Control Central Units

The new access control central units developed by LabKey represent a cutting-edge solution, thanks to the implementation of updated hardware with latest generation firmware. This guarantees greater stability of connections and communication between central unit and readers, improving reliability and system performance.

These are compact and versatile devices that introduce interesting connectivity options, to satisfy any need in the most diverse environments with extreme flexibility and remote control.

The LabKey central units are small terminals, designed to be installed discreetly and elegantly anywhere. They integrate internal relay outputs and are compatible with our readers for RFID/NFC badges, QR Code scanners and numeric keypads, offering complete detection and access control features.

Stable and Flexible Connection Modes

One of the distinguishing aspects is support for different connection modes, for unprecedented flexibility.

The central units can connect via wired LAN network (with an Ethernet cable for a direct and very stable connection) or via WiFi (with a dedicated wireless access point).

In the LTE version, 4G/5G cellular connectivity can instead be used by inserting a USB stick with integrated SIM, which autonomously seeks the most performant and stable data network among available operators.

Wired LAN connectivity is ideal for fixed installations where a stable network infrastructure is present as it is more stable and reliable, while WiFi and especially 4G/5G are essential for temporary environments, remote locations or wherever a stable LAN network is absent.


Intuitive Configuration from the Control Panel

Configuration and management of the LabKey central units is made extremely simple via the intuitive online control panel developed by the company. In just a few clicks it is possible to set all network parameters, associate detection devices, create and assign user badges and perform any other setup and maintenance operation.

The panel also allows to monitor the status of the central units in real time, view graphs and reports on accesses and potentially intervene remotely for changes or updates. The user experience has been designed to make installation and configuration plug-and-play.

Once activated, the LabKey central units enable remote monitoring and control of accesses, wherever one may be in the world.

Any attempted unauthorised access, tampering and other critical events can be detected instantly and proactively managed. Even faults and malfunctions can be diagnosed and resolved remotely, without the need to send technical personnel on site.

This guarantees maximum service continuity and avoids costly downtime, providing peace of mind to users and administrators.

Applications in Condominiums, Companies, Hotels, Schools, Sports Facilities

Thanks to their versatile connectivity characteristics and modular design, the LabKey central units find ideal application in a wide range of environments, including:

  • Condominiums: for managing vehicle gates, pedestrian doors, common areas
  • Companies: to control employee and visitor access in offices
  • Hotels: for rooms and other guest-only areas
  • Schools and universities: to regulate safe access and exits
  • Sports facilities: for access to locker rooms, fields, gyms

Practically wherever a simple and effective control of incoming and outgoing people flows is needed, the LabKey central units represent the ideal solution thanks to their integration, automation, flexibility and remote management capabilities.

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