LabKey LTE control unit

Control unit for the management of a maximum of 4 gates, cloud management via LTE SIM card for network connection.


The LabKey LTE control unit was designed to meet the needs of customers who do not have Wi-Fi connectivity or the possibility of connecting to an Ethernet cable. Equipped with a USB port for inserting a USB stick with integrated LTE SIM (included), this solution offers a continuous connection 5 or 10 yearsat the user’s choice. You can combine up to 8 readers of your choice from the LabKey Next, LabKey Mini, LabKey Glass and LabKey Extreme.

LabKey LTE is available in two versions:

  • LabKey Basic with 2 relays: ideal for controlling a maximum of 2 gates and connecting 4 control devices.
  • LabKey Basic with 4 relays: for the control of a maximum of 4 gates and the connection of 8 control devices.
  • connection

    via LTE SIM network

  • metro


    Via Wi-Fi network

  • Communication

    RS-485 cable

  • save-energy


    With any electronic device

  • pioggiaip65

    Mobile App

    Included for remote opening

  • risparmio-energetico

    modulo radio

    Optional disponibile per collegamento senza fili

  • risparmio-energetico

    Offline operation

    It works even without internet

  • risparmio-energetico

    Stand alone function available with local management

Cloud management

With the purchase of each LabKey Basic control unit, access to the Manage online management system is included, through which it is possible to:

  • Insert users and customize
    their access time.

  • Find out who logged in
    and when.
  • Set up alerts and communications
    for chosen users.

Available versions

  • basic

    LabKey LTE control unit

    2 relè

    2-relay control unit, to be combined with a maximum of 4 control devices chosen from all the LabKey control ranges. 

  • basic

    LabKey LTE control unit

    4 relè

    4-relay control unit, to be combined with a maximum of 8 control devices chosen from all the LabKey command ranges.

    Combinable control devices

    LabKey Mini

    LabKey Next

    LabKey Glass

    LabKey Extreme


    (To be added at checkout)

    Radio module

    Additional module that allows the use of wireless control devices, in particular LabKey Mini Keypad Radio.


    Activation of API for external systems (e-commerce, software…).

    dedicated scripts

    Activation ofdedicated scripts (e.g. email alerts, text messages, calls in the event of an exceptional event).

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