An access control for everyone!

manage access with ease

Access control for companies, offices, co-working and much more ..!
With LabKey it is really easy to introduce an access control system into your facility.

Whether it is private parking, gates, doors, gates or bars, each passage can be automated to be electrically unlocked.

Who are we mainly targeting?

B&B and Accommodation

Say goodbye to phone calls in the middle of the night and the endless waiting for the delivery of the keys!
With LabKey you will also solve the problem of loss in an intelligent way.

companies and offices

LabKey also acts as a smart alternative to the classic tag!
If you have an office and want to monitor the accesses and exits of your employees, then this is the one for you.

Thanks to the CRM management software you can easily assign various levels of permission to your employees (hours, days and dates), keeping everything under control thanks to the appropriate panel. You will also have the possibility to export the list of logs and statistics in excel or pdf format.


Easily assign and revoke access permissions to your co-workers without having to physically be in the office.
Avoid running the risk of any unauthorized duplication of keys and keep customer access under control through the CRM management software.

event rooms

Optimize costs and management times to deliver the keys to your event room.
Connect to the management system and activate timed keys and permissions, offering your customers the best possible experience.

Controllo accessi palestra

Gyms and sports centers

A sports association is made up of many athletes who often practice different sports or simply belong to different categories. This entails greater difficulty for the administrator, who must allow access to multiple athletes from different blocks at the same time.
With LabKey, simplifying access to athletes is extremely simple: all you have to do is use the “groups” function to customize access to individuals, you can set a single permission for a group of athletes in the Manage panel, thus avoiding to have to reset it for each of them.

Warehouses and construction sites

Keep high-value equipment and materials safe by allowing access to workplaces such as construction sites and warehouses, only to authorized personnel.
View the log list and receive real-time alerts for greater security.

Controllo accessi palestra

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