With LabKey it is really easy to introduce an access control system in your facility.

Whether it’s private parking, gates, doors, gates or bars, each gate can be automated to be electrically unlocked.

Who is it for?

BED & breakfast

Say goodbye to phone calls in the middle of the night and waiting for the keys to be delivered!

With LabKey you will also solve the problem of lost keys in an intelligent way.


LabKey can be a smart alternative to the classic time card!
If you have an office and you want to monitor the entries and exits of your employees, then LabKey is the perfect solution for you.

Thanks to the CRM you can easily assign various levels of permission to your employees (hours, days and dates) and keep everything under control with the designated panel. You’ll also have the possibility to export logs and statistics in Excel or PDF format.


Easily assign and revoke access permissions to your co-workers without having to physically be in the office. It prevents the risk of unauthorized duplication of keys and monitors customer access through the CRM management system.


Optimize costs and management time to deliver the keys to your event room. Connect to management and activate keys and timed permissions, offering your customers the best possible experience.

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