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Touch Access Control: LabKey Glass

The world of IoT (Internet of Things) has seen notable advancement in recent years, with more and more devices offering innovative solutions to simplify our daily lives. In this context, LabKey Glass emerges as a compact reader with a tempered glass design, specially designed for internal installations. With refined dimensions of 72x72x25 mm, this model presents itself as the definitive solution for touch access control needs.

Cutting-edge technology for touch access control

LabKey Glass stands out for its diverse range of options, ensuring sophisticated and reliable access control.

Do you have users of different ages? Choose the best option that combines different efficient technologies for your solution.
Do you want to manage your access without the need for any physical device/gadget? Choose your access control that best suits your access management needs and desires.

Among the main features we find:

1. Touchscreen Numeric Keypad

Modern integration meets a touch of class with the LabKey Glass touchscreen numeric keypad. This option offers an intuitive and secure way to enter access codes, ensuring an unparalleled user experience.

2. NFC reader

Simplifying access reaches new levels with the LabKey Glass NFC reader. Just bring your NFC gadget close and the device takes care of the rest, providing an effortless experience for users.

3. Touchscreen keypad and NFC reader

LabKey Glass goes further, combining the modernity of the touchscreen with the convenience of NFC. This combination offers flexibility and security, satisfying the needs of users looking for the ultimate in accessibility and control.

4. NFC Reader and QR Code Reader

For those looking for a complete solution, LabKey Glass presents the combination of the convenience of the touchscreen and the modernity of QR codes. This triple option, with NFC reader and QR code reader, offers an advanced level of access control, suitable for contexts that require particular attention to security.

5. Keypad, NFC, QR code Glass

The perfect combination of the 3 access technologies finds a perfect suit in the Labkey Glass product range: complete and powerful touch access control.

Thanks to this model, you can boast uncomplicated access control that meets the needs of functionality and elegance.

Advanced control at your fingertips: discover touch devices

The LabKey Glass range stands out not only for the variety of options offered, but also for the possibility of combining three unlocking technologies: touchscreen keypad, NFC and QR codes. This versatility allows for complete customization of the access control system, adapting it to the specific needs of each installation.

Thanks to this combination, you can control your access thanks to the latest generation touch devices, which are fast, smart, efficient and powerful.

Reference sector: IoT and access control devices

LabKey Glass finds its ideal place in the IoT sector, where connectivity and security are of primary importance. LabKey Glass access control devices are designed to meet the challenges of an increasingly connected world, offering reliable and advanced solutions.

In conclusion, LabKey Glass represents a breakthrough in access control, with an elegant design and cutting-edge technology. Whether you are looking for an intuitive access system or a complete solution that combines different technologies, LabKey Glass is the answer to your touch access control needs in the world of IoT.

For further information on our new range of LabKey Glass products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to offer you advanced solutions and guarantee the security of your installations.


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