The compact access control: LabKey mini

Discover LabKey mini, the power of technology in an ultra-compact device

LabKey mini represents the latest generation frontier of IoT device technology. With its small dimensions of just 72x72x25 mm, the device represents the perfect solution for compact access control.

This revolutionary product offers a wide range of features tailored to meet the most specific security and accessibility needs.
Combine the right LabKey controller for you with the new BASIC, LTE and PRO control units. Combine your needs for space and taste with the technical ones to enjoy the innovation of access control in an unprecedentedly unique and efficient product.

Exceptional Features for Every Need

The LabKey Mini product is one of our best innovations because it summarizes the simplicity, robustness and functionality of a key in a latest generation electronic device.

Thanks to IP65 certification, our new Mini control devices are the perfect and suitable elements in any environment. In fact, they resist atmospheric agents and thanks to their small size they adapt to all spaces, even the most inconspicuous ones. But not only that. This device is compatible with the common built-in cup, typical of key selectors of automatic gates. LabKey mini manages to install the innovation of access control technology without carrying out invasive interventions.

The Mini control has a compact and innovative design, yet always safe. In summary, despite its smaller size, the control device maintains a high level of security offering an unprecedented experience thanks to the combination of different access control technologies.

The numeric keypad guarantees quick, easy and secure access, thanks to the unique code of at least 6 digits.
The NFC reader is the proximity communication technology that encodes RFID, making the user experience super easy and intuitive.
The QR code is the ideal technology of a numerical code represented graphically which allows for maximum security.

Discover all the combinations in Fiera Sicurezza 2023

  • Numeric keypad for quick and secure access
  • Radio keypad with integrated battery for wireless use and maximum flexibility
  • NFC reader and keypad for a user-friendly experience simple use with RFID compatible devices
  • QR code reader and keypad for instant, hassle-free access
  • Three unlocking technologies: Keypad, NFC and QR codes, combined to advanced access control and optimal security

Innovation in Small Sizes

Thanks to our new LabKey mini, innovation is combined with a compact design that offers unprecedented access control. Indeed, its cutting-edge technology guarantees safety and ease of use, making it an ideal option for your access control needs.
The small dimensions guarantee the control devices their ability to make them easy to manage: they have visual feedback to signal whether access is permitted or denied, but they also have communication with the RS-485 control unit, a common electrician’s cable.

LabKey mini’s innovative compact design takes access control to a new level of simplicity and efficiency, paving the way for a future where security and technology converge into one flawless solution.

Create and match our devices with the right software features for you: your access control is not never been so easy.

LabKey, much more than a “simple” key.

NB: the new LabKey Mini and Glass product ranges and the new LabKey Pro and LTE control units will be available from March 2023.


Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone.

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