installation and configuration

To introduce you to how our access control works, we provide you with a brief guide on how to mount LabKey and use some functions of the Manage panel. Our product stands out for its ease of installation, it is in fact possible, thanks to a simple step, to connect and configure it to any electric lock or electronic device.

LTE control unit

PRO control unit

Basic control unit

  • Identify the most suitable place to place the reader and control unit.
  • Connect the reader and control unit together as indicated, based on the control device chosen.
    No shielding is needed. In the case of multiple readers for a single control unit, it is possible to connect them in star or bridge.
  • Connect the electronic devices you want to operate to the control unit’s relays.
  • Connect the power cable (supplied) to the control unit.

See the online help

We recommend consulting the Online Guide, a completely free and
detailed technical manual that explains step by step every functionality that LabKey offers.

Wi-Fi configuration

  • Access the LABKEY-…. WiFi network. via your PC or smartphone, entering the password you find in the instruction booklet.
  • Open any web browser and type in the address bar.
  • Click on “Start Wi-Fi configuration” and connect the control unit to your building’s network.

Connection to LTE SIM

  • Insert the SIM into the USB stick (both supplied).

  • If necessary, use the supplied USB extension cable to direct the stick to a point where the connection is more stable.

  • Wait 5 minutes for the control unit to go online and you are ready to use it.

Connection to Ethernet cable

  • Collega il cavo ETHERNET alla tua centralina (default DHCP).
  • Attendi 5 minuti che la centralina vada offline e sei già pronto ad utilizzarla.

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