NFC reader

This access management system with encrypted password consist of an internal control unit and an external NFC reader.

NFC kit

Technical features

The kit consists of an internal control unit and an NFC reader that is positioned on the outside. Through this system you can manage the access to any gate equipped with an electric lock by simply using the NFC key, which is available in a physical (as a card or keychain) and a virtual form (registration over smartphone and tablet possible).
Furthermore, the management software provides the possibility to monitor every access, create keys with encrypted technology and associate them with authorised users. With this software you can track all incoming and outgoing movements within your establishment.

Parts of the kit

10 NFC keys
CRM software
(1st month for free, then 9.90€ per month)
NFC reader



control unit

Technical specifications

  • Reader


  • Keys

    10 NFC tags in the format of your choice (cards, token, etc…). Other quantities on request.

  • Dimensions

    10×11,5 (control unit)
    10×10 cm (reader)


Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone. is an IoT product of

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