Use cases

LabKey is a device that can be easily installed on any electronic device. Here you are some use cases.


Whether it’s an entrance door or an office or home interior door, if the lock is electric, LabKey is the perfect solution for you.

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Install LabKey on your automatic gate. You can control it either through the reader (by entering the numeric code or by passing the NFC card) or by conveniently using your smartphone, without having to leave the car, thanks to the virtual keypad.


Manage the entries inside your private parking, common condominium areas, company accesses or wherever it is necessary to regulate the flow of vehicles in a parking lot. 

Also in this case the virtual keypad is very useful because it allows you to open the bar by using your smartphone without even having to leave the car. 


Enable and monitor the user entries of turnstiles in your company or facility.


Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone. is an IoT product of

LabKey supports the 4earth project


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