Labkey zero

LabKey ZERO is the door opening system that is always connected to the internet and allows you to monitor every access to your gates at any time.



The LabKey ZERO kit consists of an internal control unit and an external reader with a KEYPAD. Each kit is able to control the entrance in which it is installed, using a numerical code. Through the CRM management system, you can to set certain permissions for individual users determining when they have access to the entrances (setting permission start and end dates).


  • it does not require internet connection
  • available only in the numeric keypad version
  • generation of codes lasting up to 99 days
  • use of CRM for the generation of new codes
  • possibility of enabling the same code for a maximum of 5 entrances
  • use with 1 contact (entrance). There is no possibility to activate the virtual keypad.


  • 220V power socket

Your for 289.00 € + VAT with 5 years of Cloud management panel included