Access control with a keypad

LabKey One backlit access control with a keypad

Labkey one tastiera apriporta

If your are looking for an access control for your doors and want to specifically use a numeric code to open your gate, then LabKey One is the right thing for you. This version of LabKey is an access control with a keypad that allows you to use customizable codes and is equipped with a cloud-based management system. 

LabKey differs from other devices on the market because it allows you to monitor every access in real-time and manage all permissions from a single web panel.

The Installation is easy and without any invasive interventions. You can connect it to any electronic device, i.e., not only doors but also gates, barriers, garages, etc…

Another function LabKey offers is the possibility to open gates with your phone! Find out more.

Kit Labkey One Tastiera apriporta

But what does the Management panel offer?

You can create unlimited codes, associate them with your employees and customise the access times by choosing the date, day, and time. Through the panel you will know who has logged in and when, and all data is exportable in .csv or pdf. To stay up to date on accesses you have the possibility to activate notifications when someone has entered or tries to enter.

The small and durable LabKey One Keypad differs from other door opening devices because of its unique, made in Italy, design.

Look through some installations of companies that have already chosen LabKey One Keypad.

NEW the buttons are backlit! Find out more


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