IoT from prototype to production

On Wednesday 23 October we will present the new LabKey at the event organised by Lab Network: “IoT from prototype to production”.

The event is free of charge and will be held from 4 p.m. until about 7.30 p.m. at the Fenice Green Energy Park, via Lungargine Gerolamo Rovetta, 28, 35127 Padova PD.

We will talk about IoT, electronic boards, 3D printing, sim and esim 4.0 and much more!

The Schedule of the Event:

4 p.m.: Registration of participants
IoT technologies available on the market. The most common electronic boards and the most suitable Cloud system. Thanks to the contribution of INTEL, we will present the Upsquared kit and OPENVINO libraries that allow combination of artificial intelligence for video and photo recognition and computing for smart cities, Industry 4.0, connected vehicles and IoT in the medical field.
By Paolo Moro, Intel Software Innovator.

– SIM, eSIM, NBoT e 5G. Product overview and real-life use cases.
Connectivity plays a key role in the IoT world and the Cloud: through Simfony’s talk we will get an overview of the most secure and currently used communication technologies (nbiot, LTE, 4G, 5G), as well as an overview of costs in all countries of the world..
By  Mattia Paoli, SimFonyMobile IT.

-Product presentation LABKEY: the cloud-connected lock.
Are you looking for a different and innovative access control? A system to manage gates? Do you own a Bed & Breakfast, a Coworking or an office?
LabKey presents the first completely cloud-based kit that allows you to manage access and automation of any electronic device via a numeric code or NFC key! Everything is 100% managed online.
By Michael Paccagnella,

-Presentation of the products of OPERA 3D, a Padua-based manufacturer of high-precision printers.
From prototyping to industrial product: how to go from 3D printing to high-volume moulds.
By Marina Greco, Opera 3D.

7.30 p.m. buffet, and friendly discussions

Free registration at:

We are looking forward to meeting you there!!