Cell phone gate opener

Do you want to be able to open gates remotely?

Does it bother you always having to lean out of the window to put your card on the scanner of parking barriers? Then we have the perfect app for you!Apricancello con smartphone

The cell phone gate opener for remote access

Start controling your gates with your cell phone thanks to our app, which you can download for free and use right away. Just activate the virtual keypad function in the management panel and you can open your bar with a simple push of a button.


Apricancello con smartphone Apricancello con smartphone

All LabKey One versions can use the virtual keypad:

Depending on the version you choose, if you don’t want to control your gate remotely via the app, you can open it by entering a numeric code, using an NFC card, or scanning a QR code. If you choose LabKey NFC, you can also choose what kind of key you would like to have. Maybe you are already convinced by our NFC cards but if not there are other gadgets that you can choose from. Learn more. 


If there are any more questions, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

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