Gym Access Control System

Access control has become a fundamental component for managing gyms and fitness centers

What is an access control system for gyms?

The access control system for gyms is a software-hardware solution that allows regulating and monitoring user access to sports facilities in a precise and controlled manner.

Why is it important to implement an access control system in a gym?

Implementing an access control system guarantees the safety of users and staff, preventing theft, damage to equipment, and ensuring a safe and efficient training experience.

What are the types of access control?

Access control types can vary based on facility needs and attendees. The most common include access control via badge, QR code, RFID, keypad, or a combination of these.

What are the components of an access control system for gyms?

The main components of an access control system for gyms are the CRM management software and the hardware device, which includes turnstiles and gates. The software records accesses and provides detailed information about users, while the hardware device regulates access to sports facilities.

What types of turnstiles and gates exist for access control?

Turnstiles and gates for access control can be different types, depending on the needs of the facility and attendees. The most common are arm turnstiles, comb turnstiles, wing turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, and gates with motion sensors.

What tools do users have to access gyms through access control?

Users can access sports facilities through badges, QR codes, RFID, keypads and other advanced technologies, based on the facility’s choice and the users’ needs.



Why choose LabKey to monitor access to your sports center?

Access control in a gym or sports center has never been easier thanks to LabKey’s cloud products, leaders in the field with over twenty years of experience.

Our complete gym access control management system offers a reliable and secure solution for managing monthly subscriptions, allowing you to track people flow in real time across different rooms.

LabKey is an integrated system consisting of management software (CRM) and hardware device. Here’s how it works!

The Software Component

Our software, known as the Manage Dashboard, is a powerful management platform that provides detailed information about users who have used the badge or QR code to access, and when.

This gym entry verification functionality allows you to receive notifications, collect statistical data, and maintain a complete record of every subscriber’s passages.

The software offers an area dedicated to access management, where all entries and exits are recorded through IDs associated with users. You can also export this information after making your queries.

Security and privacy are our top priority. All data is protected by encryption and hosted in the cloud to ensure maximum security levels. And there are no limits on how many subscribers you can add to the system!

Additional features include customizable alerts that can be automatically sent via SMS, email or Slack channels to notify you of events like subscriber access and exit, lack of internet connection or power, and more.

If you’re already using other software, don’t worry!

You can sync our CRM with your existing software through APIs.

The Hardware – Reader and Controller

The LabKey hardware kit is available in different versions:

  • QR code
  •  NFC
  • Keypad
  • Vandal-proof Keypad
  •  Keypad with integrated NFC

Each kit includes an internal controller and a reader of your choice.

Each kit is designed to control access to the gym turnstile where it is installed, by scanning the user’s code or gadget. Based on assigned permissions (days and times), the user will or will not be able to access the gym.

Each access is monitored via the CRM software, where you can also create new codes, manage subscriber permissions, and register new ones!

Want to know more?

Keeping constant control over the flow of subscribers in sports facilities is essential.

If you own a gym or sports center and want to learn more about our access control system, feel free to contact us at +39 049 80 78678 or send an email to

We’ll be happy to help you find the access control solution that best suits your needs!

Before shipping, all our products are tested to ensure quick installation and ready-to-use operation.

With LabKey, access management for gyms is easy and secure!

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