Door opening kit

Open gates and any electronic device with the LabKey App.

The door opening kit consist of an internal control unit, an external reader, and a management panel where you can control every access.

Why should you the LabKey door opening kit?

  • It is versatile and available in three different versions: LabKey Keypad, LabKey NFC and LabKey QR code. According to your specific needs you can open any electronic gate with a customized code, NFC cards or by simply scanning a QR code.
  • It makes your life easier, because the management panel provides you with real-time information about who logged in and when. In addition, you can assign virtual keys to whoever you want for as long as you desire, activate, or deactivate permissions and insert unlimited users and access.
  • Through the LabKey app you can access gates from your phone.
  • It is easy to set up and the online guide explains you step by step how to do so.
  • It is secure because encrypted technology is used and in case of a break-in the data is not lost. It also works without internet connection.
  • It is sustainable, the product is contained in a recyclable cardboard box, with no unnecessary use of plastic.



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