LabKey Plus: the customisable access control solution

Access control is an increasingly important issue in various contexts, from companies to schools, from healthcare facilities to apartment blocks. To ensure adequate security and accurate control of entrances, it is necessary to use special tools such as our Labkey Plus access control kit.

The Labkey Plus kit consists of an internal control unit, at least one control device of your choice, and the access management software 4.0, which allows you to manage access authorisations and entry registrations effectively and intuitively.

Let us now explore in detail the features and functions of the access control kit, analysing the advantages it offers and providing useful tips for choosing the most suitable kit for your needs.


The Labkey Plus kit

  • Customisability
    With LabKey Plus, you can connect up to 8 different control devices, including Keypad, NFC, QR Code, Combo and Antivandal Keypad, to control your chosen gate. The system is highly customisable through the use of filters and time-based activations, which allow you to define access permissions for each user. This means that you can create an access control system tailored to your specific needs.
  • Access management software 4.0
    The kit comes with 4.0 access management software that allows you to monitor access and manage permissions efficiently and accurately. In addition, you will be able to export the log panel in Excel and PDF format for even more precise and complete access control.
  • Communication
    The LabKey Plus control unit communicates with the reader via RS-485 cable, and you can connect it to any electronic device, such as doors, bars, gates and electric locks. In the event of a network down, the system will still guarantee access thanks to an internal cache. This means that the access control system will continue to function even if the network connection is interrupted.
  • Remote Opening
    Finally, LabKey Plus offers you the possibility of activating a virtual keypad for unlocking the gate using the mobile app. This feature allows you to unlock the gate remotely, making the access control system even more convenient and secure.
  • 2-Relay Version
    In addition, LabKey Plus is also available in a 2 relay version, which can manage up to 2 gates and up to 4 control devices. This solution is ideal for those with reduced requirements or for those who wish to create an access control system at a lower cost.
  • Stand Alone version without the need for an internet connection
    the LabKey Stand Alone kit is a highly effective solution for access control without the need for an internet connection. Each kit consists of an internal control unit and an external reader with a choice of NFC, Keypad, Vandal-proof Keypad and Combo.
    Thanks to the presence of an NFC gadget or the entry of a customisable numeric code, the system is able to control the gate in which it is installed quickly and accurately.

In conclusion, LabKey Plus is a highly customisable access control solution that offers many advanced features, such as access management software 4.0, communication via RS-485 cable and the possibility of remote opening.

Don’t miss the chance to create your perfect access control device with LabKey Plus.

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