Access control Bed and Breakfast

Are you a Bed and Breakfast manager and being contacted at all hours for check-in frightens you?

Don’t worry!

With the LabKey access control kit, a state-of-the-art product, you can set or change at any time, entry and exit of users by enabling not only physical opening, but also opening via a virtual keypad, thus enabling remote access.

Why have smart access control for your bed and breakfast?

It happens not infrequently for hosts to receive calls at unlikely times.

It is not uncommon for hosts to receive calls at improbable times – a delayed train, long hours of traffic… in short, a whole series of variants that unfortunately do not allow guests to arrive on time at the agreed check-in time.

Having an access control in your Bed and Breakfast has many advantages! for example, you will no longer have any problems with handing over or losing your physical keys. The keys become digital!

This will allow a considerable reduction in costs, not only economically speaking – time is money too!

Remote access management will allow you to revoke entries at any time or place, without the need to be physically present. You can finally say goodbye to duplicate keys!

Thanks to our fully cloud-based system, you can also keep track of all guest accesses – logs – and even download an Excel or Csv file to consult in the event of damage.

To create your digital keys, all you have to do is enter to the manage panel > enter the user > enable the gates they can open > send the code via email, SMS, WhatsApp…

The control unit continuously synchronises itself and thus allows your guest access.

Our access control is compatible with any electronic lock, our LabKey will allow you to set multiple access codes, so you can generate a unique code for each new guest.

All our kits are tested before shipment to the customer to ensure a quick and ready-to-use installation.

Curious and want more information? Contact us at +39 049 8078678 or fill in the form at the bottom of the page!

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