Access control for your B&B

If you have an electronic lock your B&B can become smart. Thanks to LabKey you can grant your guests access without the use of keys.

All the solutions we propose have a control device and a virtual keypad that allows the access to be unlocked via a free application.

The control device can be the numeric keypad, a QR code reader or the NFC card reader available with different gadgets (more info on the cards here: Personalised NFC keys).

Often offices and bed and breakfasts have problems with sharing the building’s front door. We recommend using the virtual keypad. Here you can find the Guide to the Virtual Keyboard which allows you to open gates remotely via our mobile application which the user can download free of charge. In addition to opening the condominium door, it can also be used remotely in case a courier arrives or unauthorised guests need to be let in…

Some installations….find more with this link: Some LabKey installations


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