Access Control: why to use them?

Corporate security, real-time logging and much more. Let’s find out together why to use these systems.

Having access control within your company, hotel, B&B and other types of buildings will allow you to achieve full corporate security.

Every day you will be able to monitor the accesses and respective schedules of your employees or guests, all easily, quickly and with a few simple clicks.

Benefits of access control

As you will have read above, access control is to all intents and purposes an optimal solution for monitoring any environment by controlling the flow and passage of people. in fact, the device allows you to obtain an overview of your facilities, whether they are large (schools, trade fairs, companies, etc.) or specific (a restricted area, an office with confidential documentation, computer rooms, etc.).

You will be able to allow or deny access to certain users or user groups in specific areas by receiving special alerts.
It will also be much easier to trace certain events by checking people’s LOGs, tracing them back to specific users in different areas. This will also allow you to alert the users themselves in the event of danger or emergency.

What could also be reasons for using access control?

  • Security reasons: allowing a customer access to certain areas and a certain time slot increases the level of protection for members and the facility, especially in a health emergency context such as the one we are currently experiencing.
  • Reasons of control: monitoring the number of members, employees, customers, etc. entering and leaving an area or gate in question is crucial. Establishing automatisms linked to commercial or corrective dynamics also makes it possible to streamline the bureaucratic processes of administration/front office operators.

Access control, all strategic data in a click.

A state-of-the-art access control, in addition to attendance calculation, also allows you to have real reports through statistics that will allow you to have within a single dashboard the influx, i.e. the logs, over the course of days of people, how many gates are installed and the related users.

Simple, isn’t it?

LabKey ONE, is the innovative access control that will allow you to do all of the above in a simple and smart way.

We offer three different models of LabKey One:

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