Hidden networks WI-FI

What is the hidden network ?

Hidden networks are types of wireless networks that have their SSID transmission disabled.

What’s the meaning?

This means that the router’s wireless network name will not be displayed in the list of available networks whenever a wireless device or computer searches for networks within range.

Rete nascosta WI-FI e LabKey:

Labkey access control systems are devices that enable, using Wi-Fi technology, the verification of entrances and exits from car parks, workplaces, hotels, B&Bs and more.

It sometimes happens, however, that having too many visible networks, as might occur in a hotel, leads to a clogging of the line.

To prevent this from happening, it is good practice to hide the various networks, so that the customer/guest only has access to the essential and usable networks.

You can now connect to a hidden network and, in turn, hide the network from the LabKey control unit.

Why can the hidden network be useful?

This will ensure that when searching for networks via PC or telephone, LabKey’s networks are not visible, thus not disturbing customers or employees when searching for a network, thus increasing security.

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