Attendance management software

LabKey One – Attendance management software

Managing the access and monitoring attendance is an increasingly important requirement, especially now. Knowing who has logged in and when can be useful, which is why we offer our LabKey One Attendance management software. The Kit includes an internal control unit, an external reader (available in different versions) and a management panel, where you can manage every access completely from the Cloud.

Available readers:

  • Keypad, to let your employees in via a custom code.
  • NFC, access through different gadgets: badge, keychains, bracelets.
  • QR-Code, access a gate by scanning a QR-Code

All three kits come with a management system

Through the management panel you can see in real time, when your employees access a gate, generate unlimited codes, and associate them to whoever you want. You will also be able to customise the access time by choosing the date, day, and time. To always be up to date, you can activate notifications that will show you who has entered or who is trying to enter. Moreover, you can collect important statistical data about your business and export them as csv or pdf files. Another functionality offered by LabKey is the possibility to open gates with your phone. Find out more.

NEW Group function, assign the same permission to a group of users.

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