Labkey one qr code

This access control kit consists of an internal control unit, a QR code reader and the access management software 4.0.

LABKEY ONE qr code

Features of the kit

The kit consists of an internal control unit and an external QR code reader.

Each kit can control the entrance at which it is installed and open it by scanning a QR code.
The user, depending on the permissions (day and time) assigned to them, may or may not access the entrance.
Each access can be monitored through the CRM management system, through which it is also possible to create new codes, manage permissions and register new users.


The QR code command device is a new version of the external reader, designed to implement a higher level of security for the kit (increased safety by 4 factors) and relieve the user of many troubles.
It is possible to:

  • Send and share the QR code via mail, messaging, Skype, Whatsapp and Telegram.
  • Print the QR code and give it to elderly people or children who don’t have the possibility to use a smartphone.
  • Create QR codes even for users that are not registered in the system.

LabKey QR Code is a COVID free device

because it prevenets  your clients from coming into direct contact with the surface of the reader 


  • Complet logs that can be exported as excel- and pdf- files (very useful for company access control).
  • Timed activations and filters (time, day, date).
  • Guaranteed operation even without internet connection.
  • Can be connected to any contact device (doors, bars, gates, eletronic locks…).
  • Plug & play installation in 10 minutes.
  • The possibility to activate the virtual keyboard via the mobile app, for opening shared gates and doors.
  • Management of offices and gates in a single web panel

          LabKey is a product with IP 65 certification 


  • Wi-Fi
  • 220 V power socket

OPTIONAL (to be added at the time of purchase)

  • custom configuration for immediate internet connection (network name and password). When ordering you will be called by a technician who will configure the device for you.
  • API activation for external systems (e-commerce, software…)
  • activation of dedicated sripts (e.g., mail alerts, SMS, calls in the case of unusual events)

Yours for 489.00 € + VAT, with 2 years of Cloud management panel included

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