Door opening system with keypad

Are you searching for a keypad to open your gate?

If that is the case, then LabKey ONE Keypad is the right product for you. The Installation takes just a few minutes and you can manage everything via a web panel that is included in the kit at the time of purchase.

If you are not interested in using the online panel in the future, you will have no problem using the keypad without any worries and without paying any fees.

This door opening system with integrated keypad allows any electric lock to be opened as it is operated via a dry contact.


If you connect the control unit to the internet (5 minutes) you can monitor every access remotely and use the virtual keyboard via the mobile application to open any gate.

You can send the code to your contacts via mail, SMS, Telegram or WhatsApp. No more need for physical keys, and you do not need to duplicate keys anymore after customers or guests lost them!

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