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Log Management Software

LabKey.io is the access control that allows you to create virtual keys completely online and associate them with physical keys that can be given to your customers and employees.

The user access, the time and the day are recorded online, everything is completely controlled by the Cloud, and can be downloaded and printed at any time.


Do you need to regulate the schedules of your employees and control their access?
LabKey is equipped with a management system that allows you to activate keys you created at customised times! In addition, to ensure security and not risk the unnecessary loss of physical keys, employees can be given access via the convenient mobile app!

Do you need to occasionally create a smart key for external visitors? We recommend our Keypad! Give access to whoever you want without having to worry about handing over the keys. Just send a simple code via WhatsApp, email or text messaging and decide yourself when the key is activated and when it expires!

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