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Defence Line it’s a technology for access management  and avoid downtime situations that would affect the business of the company.

Defence Line it’s for recording, reporting and alerting of presences in private and public settings in compliance with regulations Covid-19 emergency to ensure the safety of people. The Defense Line kit allows you to carry out screening checks for Coronavirus, through a body temperature check WITHOUT CONTACT that carries out the measurement safely, without infecting the measuring instrument. In addition to infrared thermometers, thermo scanners can be used to measure the temperature, which also discriminates against users who must have any masks. The basic kit is equipped with an automatic hand sanitizer nebulizer.

Additional options are available for access control and assembly in premises.


Artificial intelligence for people tracking and gatherings.

UP-Squared kit: EDGE data + crowd control. The totem detects the presence within the framed area and signals an alert in case of assembly, the maximum number of people that can be set can be parameterized. If at the time of access control the room did not detect a gathering hazard, it is possible to access. This powerful tool created for artificial intelligence allows us to concentrate the signals that also come from other devices and allows the transfer of event LOGS directly to the access control manage software to manage everything in a single solution.


LabKey access control:

LabKey is a state-of-the-art access control, a cloud system equipped with a web platform and a mobile application that allows you to create and manage keys in a practical and fast way, physical access control enables and tracks people transits through gates in real time controlled, even if done offline. The LabKey kit consists of an internal control unit and external reader, available in the NFC version and keypad. To access the gate, simply enter the numeric code, place the card on the external NFC reader or use the dedicated mobile app. LabKey allows you to open a gate remotely and remotely ensuring the recognition of the personnel who log in and above all remember who was present at a certain time/day.
Included with the Defense Line kit is the LabKey Barcode extension, which allows you to guarantee an additional level of security, you can use a paper or mobile QR code.

Control access kit:
LabKey NFC
LabKey Keypad + QrCode


Automatic digital infrared Thermo Scanner

K3 is an automatic infrared thermometer that reads the temperature of those who approach it by showing it on the screen. The thermometer turns on green light if the temperature is ok, otherwise it turns on the red light if it is too high. Very suitable for all those companies with high turnout, because it is very fast, induction time in 500mms (50 people per minute), and does not require the operator. Lecture precision of 0,2°C.

Automatic measurement: distance 5cm ~ 10cm / Screen: high definition digital visible up to 5 meters away / Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ (Recommended 15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃)

Thermo Scanner Tablet

Temperature control and individual mask. Check the temperature and mask of one person at a time. For correct detection, the individual must be positioned in front of the thermometer. If there are no anomalies, the thermal imaging camera gives the ok to the access control that allows access to the premises. The accuracy of the thermometer is 0.2 ° C. It is important to emphasize that if placed outside it must be sheltered from the sun for correct measurement. The tablet thermo scanner is not suitable for outdoor measurement.

Intelligent Tower light

It is a PATLITE tower light, positioned in the upper part of the totem. The turret is connected to the cloud and communicates directly with the other components of the kit. It is possible through the dedicated software to customize the LED colors and the default sound messages..

Cloud Manage – Included software

Through the manage web panel, included in the kit, it is possible to obtain useful information on who accessed the gates on which LabKey is connected and when, receive alerts and obtain useful statistical data. All data are encrypted and hosted on the cloud to ensure the highest levels of security. The software has no limits of use, and is structured on a distributed cloud solution to guarantee 99.9% in time. It is possible to manage the alert functions, such as the automatic sending of text messages, mails or slack channels for: user access and exit, lack of internet connection, power failure, etc. It is possible to synchronize the CRM registry with external management systems.


Dipp_ì (optional add-on)

The totem can be combined with a wearable device that can regulate social distancing and promptly notify the wearer of any incorrect behavior. The integrated system can produce a history of data on contacts between subjects, by the provisions of current regulations to avoid the spread of any pandemics. It is a technology that allows workers to control and signal the space between them by using a device that can be worn in a bracelet or other support, thus ensuring personnel protection. When the safety distance between two workers equipped with the device is not respected, the two sensors signal the criticality via LED, vibration, or sound.


Small and medium-sized enterprises • offices • public places • construction sites • professional offices • medical clinics • schools • commercial activities • shops • warehouses • supermarkets • other activities.

Tax incentives

Companies that invest in individual safety devices or that guarantee interpersonal safety distance, can take advantage of a tax credit equal to 50% of the expenses incurred in order to avoid contagion from “Coronavirus” (art. 30 Legislative Decree n. 23/2020).

Privacy and security

No sensitive information is maintained by the system in compliance with current privacy legislation. This is guaranteed both by IoT sensors and by the artificial intelligence kit that we use (Intel OPENVINO).



Possibility of graphic personalization of the totem by applying stickers (logo and / or writings).


DC innovation tecnology & design in Team with professionals and leading companies in the sector of planning and realization of technological and design solutions and components, launches the DiL (Defense Line) Project. Today more than ever, showing attention to the health of everyone, customers and employees in the first place, is a qualifying and distinctive choice as well as ethical and professional.

Our technical staff is available to develop customized solutions suited to your needs.


Manage access to gates in a simple and secure way, even from a smartphone. is an IoT product of

LabKey supports the 4earth project


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