Defence Line Kit

3.200,00 Excluding VAT

Complete Kit:

Totem 1 (LabKey NFC, LabKey Keypad, Thermometer, Turret visual and acoustic signal, Smartphone)
Totem 2 (Artificial Intelligence KIT with camera)
10 Wearable devices Dipp_ì .

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Defence Line it’s a technology for access management in compliance with regulations Covid-19 emergency to ensure the safety of people and avoid downtime situations that would affect the business of the company. The kit provides for the installation of a device for individual control associated with artificial intelligence devices for environmental control. It is possible, through integrated technology systems, choose different control modes access through:

• Detection of body temperature
• Checking the number of people present on premises
• Control of distance between people inside the premises
• Ability to save frames of the area in the event of an alert
• Access with identification card, health card, code or proximity