LabKey Stand Alone: The Independent Access Control System

Independent access control without internet connection

Are you tired of constantly having to monitor who enters and exits the gates and doors of your company? Do you want an independent, reliable, and easy-to-use access control system?
LabKey Stand Alone is the solution for you.

LabKey Stand Alone is a “turnkey” access control system that allows you to manage entries and exits in a smart and efficient way.
Forget about keys ending up in the wrong hands or access codes that are difficult to remember: with LabKey Stand Alone, you can assign up to 10,000 unique codes, one for each authorized user.

This way, you will have full control over who accesses your facilities and you can accurately monitor entries and exits.

LabKey Stand Alone products are easy to install and include an internal control unit that can be connected to any type of electronic device, such as doors, gates, and turnstiles, and an external reader of your choice between NFC, keypad, and vandal-resistant version. Each kit is plug and play, so once your access control system is installed, it will be immediately operational without requiring complex configurations.


Forget about internet connections or difficult-to-use software

 LabKey Stand Alone is a system that works completely autonomously. You can manage offline access through the control panel connected to the control unit. All system data, such as user directories and access history, can be easily exported in CSV format for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Moreover, thanks to the IP65 certification, LabKey Stand Alone is a highly durable system designed to function in all atmospheric and environmental conditions.
If you’re looking for a simple, secure, and cost-effective access control system to keep your business safe, LabKey Stand Alone is the ideal solution.

You can finally stop worrying about who enters and exits and focus on what really matters: growing your business!

Why choose LabKey Stand Alone for access control?

  • LabKey Stand Alone stands out from its competitors for its efficiency and advanced features, including:
  • Unique codes: possibility to manage up to 10,000 unique codes to assign a code to each authorized person, ensuring high security and traceability standards.
  • Vandal-resistant keypad version: kit consisting of an internal control unit and an external reader with a vandal-resistant numerical keypad for quick installation and immediate use.
  • Independent and ready-to-use system: autonomous operation even in the absence of an internet connection.
  • Offline access management: control panel reachable through the local network of the control unit, for effective access management without depending on external connections.
  • Connection to any electronic device: possibility to connect to any contact device such as doors, bars, gates, and electro-locks to easily integrate the system into existing infrastructures.
  • Directory of names and data export: display of codes associated with users in the directory and possibility to export data in CSV format.
  • IP65 certification: maximum reliability and resistance, with certification against atmospheric agents.

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