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Hotel automation: Access control

Software, Systems and Facilities for Hotel Automation

Hotel room security and smart access management are two key aspects in ensuring a comfortable and safe experience for guests. Automation and home automation have become increasingly popular in this sector, as they increase the efficiency and profitability of the facility while enhancing the guest experience.

Let’s take a look at the different solutions available for automating access in accommodation facilities.

Overview of software and hardware solutions for hotel room automation

The most advanced hotel management software includes room automation features that allow guests to control access in a smart way, even remotely.

These systems allow you to assign rooms, monitor check-in and check-out, and check the availability of rooms and services. There are several software solutions to choose from, each of which has its own unique advantages and features.

Hardware devices such as electronic locks and presence sensors allow automated access to rooms and real-time control of their status. These tools are crucial for ensuring guest security and efficient room management.

Access control and security systems

Access control systems use electronic locks or key readers to automatically open room doors when the key is passed. These systems make it possible to keep track of room access while ensuring guest security.

When the guest exits the room, the system detects when the door is closed and changes the status of the room in the management software, allowing it to be reset and maintained.

Some access control systems also use wristbands or wearable cards that track the location of guests in the hotel for more accurate access control. These devices allow guests’ movements in the hotel to be monitored, while improving security and room management.

Home automation devices: climate, lights and shutters management

Hotel home automation involves the use of devices such as smart thermostats, light and motion sensors, touch switches and shutter automations that can be controlled via smartphone or tablet. These devices allow guests to set the desired temperature, turn lights on and off, and open and close shutters with a touch.

There are many solutions for managing utilities automatically, including our LabKey Pocket NFC with integrated badge holder. Smart devices communicate with the air conditioning system and hotel management software to optimise consumption when the room is empty.

The Labkey solution for access control in hotels

LabKey is an access control solution designed to meet the specific needs of hospitality establishments such as hotels, which need to control and monitor access to their entrances.

The software and technology used offer wide customisation possibilities:

Thanks to the manage panel, a simple management tool that you can access from any device, you will have the possibility of monitoring room traffic by customers and service staff.

This functionality will allow you to manage check-in and check-out easily and effectively.

Access management is also essential to monitor entrances and exits outside the hotel facility, thus controlling traffic and ensuring maximum comfort and safety for customers and employees.

The software will allow you to manage customers completely remotely, the manager ( or receptionist ) will have the ability to generate new keys – or delete them – and in the event of loss, will be able to open the door remotely.

Crucially, it is also possible to enter (and possibly change) access times and days for individual users by associating certain keys.

An example? Hotels are generally equipped with a ‘luggage room’. This room is generally only accessible to a few hotel employees.

Facilities and funding for automation projects in hotels

The Transition 4.0 Plan provides tax credits for investments in capital goods, including home automation and automation systems. These tax incentives were introduced to support the transition to a more sustainable and digital economy, and can be used by tourism companies to finance automation and home automation projects.

Some Italian regions are also promoting calls for tenders to support tourism enterprises investing in innovative technologies, including home automation and hotel automation. These regions include the Veneto Region with the call for tenders PR ERDF 2021-2027. It is also possible to access subsidised financing with an MCC guarantee for investments in energy efficiency and digital innovation.

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