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Hotel automation: Access control

LabKey is an access control system designed to meet the specific needs of accommodation facilities such as hotels, which need to control and monitor access at the gates.

The software and technology we use offer extensive customisation possibilities. Let’s see together.

Room management and automation in hotels.

Thanks to the manage panel, a simple CRM that you can access from any device, you will be able to monitor room traffic from guests and staff.
This functionality will allow you to manage check-in and check-out easily and efficiently.

The access control management is also essential to monitor entrances and exits outside the hotel facility, thereby controlling traffic and providing maximum comfort and security for guests and employees.

The software will allow you to manage your customers completely remotely, the manager ( or receptionist ) will have the option of generating new keys – or deleting them – and in the event of loss, will be able to open the door remotely.

Crucially, it is also possible to enter (and possibly change) access times and days for individual users by associating certain keys.

An example? hotels are generally equipped with a luggage room. This room is generally only accessible to a few hotel employees.

Thanks to LabKey, you will be able to generate the access code by associating it only to the appropriate person, which will allow you to guarantee total security for your guests’ luggage.

The software also allows you to create a report that you can export either in Excel or CSV.

Curious and want to know more?

Automation within hotels is becoming increasingly important. If you are an accommodation owner and would like to know more about our access control, don’t hesitate to call us on + 049 80 78678 or send us an e-mail to and find out which of our access controls is right for you!

All our items are tested before shipment to the customer, to ensure a quick and ready-to-use installation.

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