Open the door remotely

Open the door remotely using keyless locks.

What are the differences between a classic lock and a smart lock?

Let us first look at how a key lock works and try to understand what distinguishes it from an electronic lock.
The cylinder of a classic key lock contains internal pins which, when the key is inserted, are aligned at different heights according to the unique teeth of the key.

If the positioning of the pins is the same as the key encryption, the key will be in the correct operating position and it will be possible to open or close the door lock.

The electric lock is the evolution of the normal lock and allows access to openings in a more practical way, even from a distance, to make our everyday life easier.
Moreover, the electric lock is a device that has been on the market for several years already, and the entry of home automation into daily life has only made these devices even more efficient.

An innovative system such as LabKey, which can interface with electric locks with a simple installation, allows doors, gates, turnstiles (any electrified gate) to be opened via smartphone.

How does it work?

All you have to do is install an application (Android and Apple) on your smartphone which, by typing in the code provided by the system administrator, will allow access to the common gates. 

Each LabKey One has two controls: one managed by the physical keypad and another managed by the virtual keyboard in the mobile application.

The function is also available via a Telegram bot and IFTTT technology.

What are the use cases?

Usually, the virtual keyboard is best applied to all common entrances with other people, such as the gate or door of an apartment building.

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