Access control for hotels

Why access control in hotels? Traditional in-house key management is obsolete, because keys are easily lost and also do not provide effective access control.

If we then think about how we can best manage check in and check out and ensure security within the hotel, we know that it can often be a difficult transition. Guests enter and leave at different times and being always available to receive them and allow them access is not easy. In addition, you are sometimes forced to pay employees to deliver keys or open doors.

This is why, over time, classic locks have gradually been replaced with smart locks. Intelligent keys combined with software can actually provide greater security within the facility, not only for guests but also for employees.

Access Control Keypad

With LabKey One keypad verisone, the PIN is personal and randomly generated, valid only for the guest’s stay, and can be revoked at any time, even remotely thanks to our fully Cloud-managed management panel.

Access Control NFC

Each kit is able to control the gateway in which it is installed through an NFC card. The user, depending on the permissions (days and times) assigned to him, can access or not access the gate. Each access can be monitored via the CRM management system, through which it is also possible to create new keys, manage permissions and register new users.

Access Control QR Code

The QR Code command device is an external reader version, designed to implement a higher level of security to the kit (4-factor security increase) and relieve the user of a lot of hassle. 

It will be possible:

  • Send the QR Code by e-mail, messaging, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram and share it.
  • Print out the QR Code and give it to e.g. elderly people or children who cannot use their mobile phones.
  • Generate QR codes also for users not registered in the manage panel.

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