Controllo accessi remoto

Opening doors remotely

It has become necessary to be able to open doors and gates even from remote locations. Thanks to LabKey you can do so easily!

All versions on the market give you the option of using the free application that allows you to operate the VIRTUAL KEYPAD. There are no physical limits as you can attach any electrical device. Thus, you can open bars, gates, turnstiles, and of course electric door-locks remotely…and it works also for any other electronic lock!

Here are the simple steps for opening doors remotely:

Based on the entered credentials, the application will show all devices that can be opened remotely. If you are enabled, you can simply click OPEN from the application, your door will open, and the user and time of access will be recorded.

It is important that your phone and the LABKEY are both connected to the internet.

If you need further information visit this page: The virtual Keypad for opening doors remotely.

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