Remote access control software

Are you searching for a way to open your gates, garage doors, bars, and shared entrances direclty with your phone? Then this is the right app for you!

Apricancello con smartphone
All LabKey One versions are able to use the virtual keypad, a remote access control software, that allows you to open any gate connected to LabKey remotely. All you have to do is push a button on your screen and the gate will unlock. It is easy and convenient!

The app can be downloaded free of charge on  Google Play or Apple Store.


Visit our online user’s guide on how to use the LabKey App.


Apricancello con smartphone Apricancello con smartphone

LabKey differs from other control devices on the market because it is equipped with a management system that gives you the possibility to monitor every access and manage permissions.

The dedicated CRM system can be used on any device with a web browser and a internet connection, meaning you can create keys and delete them again on the go. The system also includes a management panel, that shows you exactly who accessed a gate when, what gates someone is allowed to operate and what access permissions they have.

Moreover, you can access gates by entering a code, using a card, or scanning a QR code depending on the chosen model. Look through all the products that can use the remote access control software

If you choose LabKey NFC, you can also use NFC gadgets. Find out more.


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