Serratura smart per b&b e uffici

It is time to transform every old lock into a “smart lock”. But what does this mean…smart? And why?

The most common needs nowadays are:

  • a device that can identify the person and therefore also their access permissions
  • the possibility to delete an access easily and without costs
  • keeping track of who has accessed a particular gate
  • being able to open doors and gates remotely

controllo accessi incloud  

In general, a smart lock combines all these features. Through LabKey, which includes both the hardware kit and the 100% cloud-based management software, you can do all this and more. For example, you can receive notifications when someone accesses a gate, you can connect third-party software through the API layer and also connect your e-commerce or booking platforms very easily by sending access directly to the person who made the purchase and/or booking at your B&B / Hotel.


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