Smart door lock

Do you run a hotel or B&B? Are you the owner of a business or gym? Do you need a smart door lock for your access control?

Our smart card access control system that is 100% controlled by the Cloud is perfect for you! is the smart door lock suitable for all the management needs of your hotel, B&B, guest house or gym!
Compatible with all electronic locks, LabKey makes physical keys and receptions unnecessary. You will only need your smartphone to manage keys, users, times, and days of stay. Allow access to the gates how and when you want, to whom you want!

Send the access code to the rooms via the most common messaging tools and program the operating hours so that your guests only have access during their official stay at the facility. If desired, it is also possible to receive a notification when a gate is operated.

LabKey is available in different versions, with the possibility of also using customizable physical keys as in the case of LabKey ONE – NFC which offers badges, cards, key rings, and bracelets! Find out more: Customize your NFC key

Our LabKey installed at the Rifugio Pranzol in Trichiana (BL). IP65 certified, waterproof and weatherproof

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