Access control via NFC

LabKey, an innovative access control system: open gates via NFC cards

LabKey NFC is one of  our LabKey access control products that allows you to open any electric lock: the gate to your home, office, or communal car park, via an NFC card or other gadgets! If you need to use a badge for your car park or company, LabKey NFC is perfect for you! It allows you to simply use a smart card to access the building and control everything via the Cloud.

LabKey One NFC apriporta con badge

As already mentioned, LabKey NFC is available not only with an NFC card, but with a variety of different gadgets. For example, keychains, tokens, or wristbands. Just choose the one that fits best to your company and we include them in your LabKey ONE NFC kit.

You can also customize your key by including the logo or name of your company!

See the section on customisable gadgets here: Customise your NFC gadget.

LabKey’s IP65 certificate proves that it is suitable for outside installation and the provided CRM system allows you to keep track of your logs completely via the cloud.

Our access control system allows the creation of keys and their association with desired users, which generates a unique code to open the gate.
The operating times of the keys are customizable so that specific users may or may not be able to access a gate at certain times or days. You can choose what days of the week or even at what time a gate shall be accessable for the user.

You can also open gates and locks remotely thanks to the virtual keypad, compatible with all versions of LabKey, and keep track of the time, date and users logged in via the dedicated CRM which stores all logs in the cloud.

Controllo accessi con tessera,
Access control NFC,

LabKey NFC installed at the facility of the Rowing Club of Padova. HERE are more installations!


LabKey offers a variety of different types of access control:


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