tornelli per controllo accessi

Turnstile access control system is an access control system that can be installed on any type of electronic device, such as a gate, door, turnstile or bar. The installation only takes a couple of minutes and allows you to easily manage the access permissions of a large number of people.

With LabKey you can make the turnstile smart and connected to the cloud. The dedicated CRM system allows you to create keys online and associate them with different users. Each key is unique with the possibility of programming the times at which the user can enter or leave your business. All logs are collected in the cloud, online, safe from data loss.


LabKey is versatile and smart, and available in different versions with different keys:

  1. LabKey One Keypad – for opening a gate by entering a numeric code – view details
  2. LabKey One NFC – accessing gates with different gadgets such as NFC cards view details
  3. LabKey One QR code – using QR codes to open a gate view details
tornelli per controllo accessi
Turnstiles: smart and connected

LabKey can be applied to any type of turnstile thanks to the dry contact (electric strike) that is activated for opening the gate.

The installation is simple and only takes a couple of minutes. The LabKey is also suitable for outdoor use as it is IP65 certified. Please refere to the user’s guide for more information about how to install LabKey on your device.


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