How access control helps in theft prevention.

‘respect and suspect’ we often say when talking about relationships or friendship, but it is a saying that can also be affirmed when talking about security.

It is also necessary to carefully choose the control methodology that will prevent any theft or burglary in the home or business.

The ‘Theory of Routine Activities‘ studied by Lawrence Cohen and Marcus Felson in a first step, explains that three factors musat be present for theft to occur, let us look at them together:

  1. The availability of a suitable target.

2. The absence of a suitable controller to prevent the criminal event.

3. The presence of a motivated potential aggressor.


Understand for yourself that the first two variables are easily controllable with proper care and attention on the part of the prospective condominium manager or administrator. As for the third point, unfortunately, potential attackers have always existed.

So how can we try to prevent theft by taking into account the variables listed above? And how does access control help in theft prevention?

Firstly, it sounds trivial, but paying attention and vigilance is the first step in preventing potential break-ins. Secondly, equipping yourself with an effective access control system is an effective way to stay on top of security in your perimeter.

LabKey, in all three of its versions, allows you to stay up-to-date on the accesses you have made. In addition, you can create “Alerts” within the panel to let you know if someone attempts unauthorised access. These are just some of the functions you can activate within your reserved panel.

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