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Smart Utility Management: the LabKey NFC Pocket System

Hospitality facilities are always looking for innovative solutions to optimise utility management and reduce energy costs. One of the most effective options is the adoption of intelligent access control systems that enable the automated switching on and off of electrical consumers, such as lights and air conditioners.

LabKey NFC Pocket is a next-generation device that uses NFC technology to intelligently enable connected utilities. This system consists of an electronic lock with a badge pocket, where guests insert their badge to activate the room’s utilities, and a control unit that manages the settings of each individual utility.

This solution allows room electrical consumers such as lights, air conditioners and televisions to be intelligently switched on and off. Thanks to its advanced functionalities, such as the possibility of applying filters and scheduling switching on and off, LabKey NFC Pocket allows you to optimise energy savings while avoiding waste. At the same time, this solution guarantees a highly customised service by creating specific profiles for each guest.


A simple and intuitive system

The LabKey NFC Pocket device consists of an integrated badge holder that must be combined with a PLUS control unit with relay. Upon check-in, guests are provided with a personal badge that will enable them to activate the room’s utilities. To activate the utilities, simply insert the badge into the badge pocket: all connected appliances will automatically switch on.

Customisation and energy saving

The PLUS control unit allows you to set the activation times of each individual utility connected to the pocket to meet the needs of each guest. In addition, filters can be applied and switching on and off can be scheduled according to specific times, days of the week or dates. These features optimise energy savings, avoiding waste when rooms are empty.

Easy installation and management

All that is needed to use the LabKey NFC Pocket system is a 220V power outlet and a Wi-Fi connection. Installation and management of the pockets and connected consumers is extremely simple and intuitive thanks to the included online control panel.

Security and compatibility

The LabKey NFC Pocket can be connected to any compatible electronic device, such as air conditioners, lights, refrigerators and more, guaranteeing maximum security.

In conclusion, the LabKey NFC Pocket is a highly recommended access control system for optimising the management of electrical consumers in accommodation facilities such as hotels, B&Bs and resorts. This innovative and easy-to-use solution allows you to significantly reduce energy costs and offer a personalised service, while ensuring maximum security.

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